Summer Library Program

SUMMER READING PROGRAM 2019:  A Universe of Stories

Sign up to explore the galaxy this summer! You'll get a bag full of goodies at the Youth Services desk, which includes 2 tickets for free admission to the Minerva Municipal Pool (1 for the student, 1 for an adult to accompany them) for the library's Summer Reading Pool Party from 9–11 AM on August 1st. Complete the activities on the Star Chart handout in your bag to earn a variety of rewards and for a chance to win one of our out-of-this-world prize baskets.


Keep an eye out for these Special Summer Programs

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Book Beginnings and Story Time

Come to Book Beginnings (for parents and children ages 0-3) and Story Time (for more independent children ages 3-5) on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM. Show up early at 10:10 AM. for a FREE children's snack!


Animal Reading Friends (ARF)

Sign up to read with one of our gentle Animal Reading Friends (ARF!) in this program that pairs school age children with dogs to improve their reading skills and foster a lifelong love of reading. Runs Thursdays, 12:30 AM – 1:30 PM,  June 6 – July 25.



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