Income Tax Information

Both the IRS and the state's Departments of Taxation make available for free downloading most tax forms and publications.  Some forms can be completed online and printed out, and it is possible to file both federal and state returns online. The IRS will only provide return forms to the library this year for bulk distribution and will not provide copies in bulk of the tax instructions or any other forms or publications.  Likewise, the Ohio Department of Taxation will provide only a limited number Ohio return forms and instructions for distribution and will not allow the library to reorder once the initial shipment is gone. 

IRS.Gov--One site for all federal forms and publications, plus e-filing, answers to questions, and and tax news. 

Ohio Department of Taxation--Forms and information for individuals and business, e-filing, plus e-filing.

Tax Forms from other States--Clickable map gives instant access to each state's taxation website.