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Screenshot of Chilton Library homepage. Chilton Library

Use this database to find detailed, continuously updated information and helpful tools related to vehicle maintenance, repairs, and service, including but not limited to: step-by-step repair procedures, troubleshooting guides, maintenance and specification tables, diagnostic trouble codes, close-up photos and illustrations, diagrams, videos and animations, and ASE test prep quizzes. From OWL. [User Guide.]

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Screenshot of a Consumer Health Complete search page. Consumer Health Complete

Browse evidence-based reports, popular magazines, academic journals and reference books, medical images and diagrams, animations with audio narration, and much more in this full-text database built to support the information needs of medical patients. Subjects covered by the database largely fall under the umbrellas of physical and mental/emotional health, including but not limited to: aging, cancer, depression, pregnancy, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and alternative forms of medical treatment. From EBSCOhost. [Beginner's User Guide, Beginner's Video TutorialUser Guide.]

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Health Source: Consumer Edition

A collection of consumer health information containing full-text magazines, reference books, and current health pamphlets, as well as Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary and Clinical Reference Systems reports in both English and Spanish. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide.]

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Screenshot of Home Improvement Reference Center homepage. Home Improvement Reference Center

A full-text database that provides users with detailed, user-friendly “how-to” information covering a variety of home improvement and repair projects. Sources offered include reference books, magazines and trade publications, images, and videos. From EBSCOhost. [User Guide.]

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