This Week on the Web: July 14, 2018


In honor of the CSL's "Libraries Rock" Summer Reading Program theme, all of this month's TWOTW posts will be music-related. So let's start things off with a few music podcast recommendations...

  • ARTSEDGE's Arabesque, which "explores the rich history and culture of the music of the Arab World. Arabic musicians and scholars demonstrate the sounds of string, wind and percussion instruments that directly influenced the development of musical instruments common to the modern Western world. The importance of universal musical concepts, such as improvisation, ornamentation and audience participation are discussed in the context of the Arab World, as are the ideas of musical nationality and folk tradition in the face of modern cultural globalization." [This podcast is no longer producing new episodes, but you can still listen to its archived episodes.]
  • Goat Rodeo's Between the Liner Notes, "an award winning documentary-style podcast about music, why it is the way it is and how it got to be that way. Each episode highlights a piece of lost, forgotten or obscured music history." [This podcast is no longer producing new episodes, but you can still listen to its archived episodes.]
  • NPR's Afropop Worldwide, "an internationally syndicated weekly radio series, online guide to African and world music, and an international music archive, that has introduced American listeners to the music cultures of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean since 1988."​ [This podcast is ongoing as of July 12, 2018.]

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