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Buckeye tree in bloom

Buckeye Tree (Aesculus Glabra)
Full Sun- Partial Shade

Small tree of the central states, cheifly of Ohio and Mississippi Valley regions, 30' to 50' in height, 2'-3' in diameter.   Folklore: nut is considered a good luck charm, relieves pain of arthritis and rheumatism, resembles the eye of the buck deer.  

Vibirnum Pink Sensation Bush

Vibirnum Pink Sensation (Vibirnum)
Full Sun

There are more than 150 species of Viburnum. Most viburnums flower in the spring.



Tinkerbell dwarf lilac
Tinkerbell Dwarf Lilac  (syringa x 'Tinkerbell)

Fragrant Flowers bloom at an early age.  Often reblooms later in the year if the weather is warm enough.


Crabapple trees in bloom
Crabapple Trees  White (Malus 'snowdrift') Pink (Malus 'van Eseltine)
Full Sun

Flowering crabapples vary greatly in size.  At maturity, certain cultivars will only attain a height of eight feet, while others will tower to heights greater than forty feet.

 Alaskan Cedar Tree

 Alaskan Cedar  (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)
 Full sun to light shade

A medium-sized evergreen tree with a wide, pyramidal form and numerous drooping branches.  The leaves of the white markings on their undersides.  Cones are fairly small and numerous although solitary, and they ripen the second year.  The Alaskan cedar is a native of coastal Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.



Golden curls willow tree

Golden Curls Willow

Golden curls willows have a tendency to remain a small tree.  LIke all rapid growing trees it is prone to breakage in high winds or if children climb into it.  It has a striking apprearance all year round, curly green leaves of spring & summer, golden leaves of autumn and always those curly branches.  This tree grows vigorously in temperate climates with cool soil.  It is very cold hardy. 

 Close Up of Golden-Rain Tree


Golden-rain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata)
Full Sun

This tree is a 40 foot tall tree of Asian origin.  The Golden-rain tree blooms yellow flowers in summer.   It makes a good street or shade tree where space is limited.





Pampas Grass ( Cortaderia selloana)
Full Sun

Large perennial grass that is native to Brazil, Argentina and Chile.   There are many different ornamental forms of pampas grass.  Some have rose or purple flowers.  Plumes can rise to a height of 12 feet.  Pampas grass grows very quickly into a massive plant and leaf edges can be very sharp. 



Russian Sage
Full Sun

Russian Sage grows as a many stemmed clump with flower panicles at the ends of each stem.  The foliage is finely cut gray-green leaves that are slightly scented.  When in full bloom it looks like a purple haze.   This plant needs pruned back in spring to about 6".




Weeping Redbud ( Cercis Candadensis)
Partial Shade

A weeping, cascading variety of redbud. Heart-shaped leaves are typical on this weeping form. Heights and sizes vary.  These trees are typically not taller than 6' tall after 10 years.





Ninebark CloseupNinebark full view
Ninebark Coppertina
Full Sun

This plant grows 7 to 8 feet in height.  It is fast growing and adaptable, it provides season long color.