Fall Programs

Marsh Madness
nesday, September 11th 7PM
Learn about the natural wonders of Ohio's wetlands.  Lynette Reiner from the McKinley Museum will present Mash Madness!  This all-ages program talks about the animals that make their home in the wetlands, how wetlands work, and their importance in maintaining a healthy environment.

History of theFairmount Children’s Home
Wednesday, September 18th 7PM
Local historian and reenactor Carolyn Becker Caskey will talk about the Fairmount Childrens' Home.  Opening in 1876, the home for orphaned and indigent children included a working farm and housed as many as 400 children.  Located north of Minerva, the home closed in the 1970s, and little remains of the once many buildings.  Ms. Caskey has done extensive research on the Home and its residents, and this look into the past is of interest to all ages.

Eliot Ness in Cleveland
Wednesday, September 25th 7PM
A speaker from the Western Reserve Historical Society will present Eliot Ness in Cleveland.  After his career busting up bootleggers with the Untouchables, Ness served as Safety Director for the City of Cleveland from 1935-1942.  The sixth largest city in the country at the time, Cleveland was booming and so was crime. Ness made great improvements in safety and infrastructure that have left a lasting legacy for the city.  However, in these same years Ness would come head to head with a series of heinous crimes - the Torso Murders.  Still considered unsolved to this day, explore this famous case and the Cleveland of Eliot Ness.

Early Silent Films 1870-1920
Wednesday, October 2nd  7PM
Where do our moving pictures come from? Mandy Altimus Stahl will lead audiences through the birth of the motion picture to the early narrative films of the 1900s, through the 1920s just before "talkie" sound films were invented.

Ohio’s Stagecoach Era
Wednesday, October 9th  7PM
Local historian Richard Haldi presents the history of a time in Stark County before the railroads arrived in the early 1850s, when stagecoaches were used for both mail delivery and people transport. Canton was at one time serviced by seven separate stagecoach companies.  Over 25 Stark communities were formed around the location of a stagecoach inn.

Silent Movie—Nosferatu
Wednesday, October 16th  7PM
Thrill to one of the classics of early cinema, and one of the first, and best vampire movies.  84 minutes of spooky adventure with a musical score.

An evening with Edgar Allen Poe
Wednesday, October 30th  7PM
James Knight portrays the author of The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart, and other chilling tales, and performs excerpts from classic works.  Spooky Halloween fun for the whole family