2010 This Week on the Web

(December 17, 2010)  Still trying to find the perfect gift for a family member or friend?  Remember that a book is a present that you can open again and again, and 'tis the season for the many Best Books of the Year Lists.  Take a look at lists from Publishers Weekly, or The New York Times, NPR, or Barnes and Noble, for a wide variety of suggestions.  Interested in learning more about the music of the season across the centuries?  Hymns and Carols of Christmas has many lyric and music files to while away the time. Looking for a new recipe or two?  Allrecipes and the Food Network are ready to help. 

(November 19, 2010) Turkey troubles?  The folks at Butterball are ready to answer your turkey questions.  And if you're looking for something new to serve on Thursday,  the Food Network, Taste of Home, and Epicurious are all ready to help.  As usual, the Library of Congress has put up a small exhibit about the holiday.  Or take a trip to the Thanksgiving past at Plimoth Plantation.  Meanwhile, learn why leaves change color at the National Arboretum.

(November 6, 2010)  Election results from Carroll, Columbiana, and Stark Counties have been posted by each county's Board of Elections.  The Ohio Secretary of State's Office has posted results for all state-wide races as well as all Ohio legislative and judicial races, and includes a feature that maps results by Ohio county. For results across the nation, Politico has an interactive map showing the House, Senate and Governor's race results for the past 10 years.  The New York Times provides an -interactive map for the same races, will dril down to county level, and provides links to results for state-wide and house and senate races for each state.

(August 31, 2010)  Look, up in the sky!  It's the International Spy Station which will be visible to us in the early evening over  the next couple of weeks.  NASA has a handy tool to tell just when and where to look up based on your location.  September is National Sewing Month, at least since 1982, so break out the needles and thread.  Planning on a cookout on Monday? Well the US Department of Labor is ready to celebrate Labor Day too.

(August 5, 2010)  Still looking for good vacation reads?  Checkout the booklists at Flashlight Worthy Books where you'll reading sugggestions for every taste and lists of books on unusual and entertaining topics.  Remember Ohio's own Cy Young, who won his 500th game on August 12, 1908 and learn more about early baseball at the Library of Congress.  The University of Illinois has one of the world's great libraries and is digitizing its more rare and unusual books.  You can download and read these books in a wide variety of formats.

(July 22, 2010)  July is National Hotdog Month according to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, and they should know.  Check out the Council's website for hotdog trivia, history, receipes, and restaurants. And how about some ice cream after the sausage? The ice cream cone likely was invented on July 23, 1904 at the St. Louis World's Fair, and the Library of Congress can tell you about it.  Today in 1796 surveyors arrived at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River; celebrate the day with historic images of Cleveland from the Ohio Memory Project.

(July 2, 2010)   Pop-up books have been around for a long time, and the library at the Smithsonian has set up a website devoted the wonders of paper engineering.  Take a look at Fold, Pull, Pop, and Turn and marvel at the craftsmanship on display.  As you might expect, the Library of Congress is ready with all sorts of interesting information about the Independence Day Holiday, including The Stars and Stripes Forever March played by a

marimba band.  Confused about the new health care law?  The Department of Health and Human Services has launched a website to help you figure out how things work.

(June 23, 2010) Times are hard right now for many people in Ohio.   Visit the Ohio Department of Aging Great Depression Story Project and read first-acounts of Ohioans managed during previous hard times.  The oil spill in the Gulf has focused everyone's attention again on alternative energy sources.  Read about folks working on fusion reactors at home and join

the Open Source Fusion Research Consortium.  Dr. Demento has hung up his broadcast radio microphone after 40 years on the air, but he is till going on strong online.   Tune in on your computer, and remember aspiring musicans, he accepts and plays submissions from listeners.

(June 7, 2010)  Get ready to celebrate Flag Day next Monday with a brief history of the holiday from the LIbrary of Congress and a dandy pamphlet covering flag history and etiquette from the Federal Citizen Information Center.  Celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday on June 8 by visiting several of his buildings online  and take a virtual tour of the Oak Park, Illinois neighborhood that is chock-a-block with Wright designed houses and building.  This week in libraries online, we suggest visiting the National Park Service History site where there are many, many histories of, and reports on, individual parks, as well as plenty of information about the history of the Park Service itself. 

(June 2, 2010)  Looking for something to do outside this weekend?  Celebrate National Trails Day with the American Hiking Society and activities at Ohio parks and recreation areas.  Plan a day-trip and see Ohio first with the help of the Ohio Division of Tourism and Discover Ohio.  Working on the garden, cleaning up the yard?  Remember the OSU Extension Service  has a wealth of information online. We often wonder what other libraries are up to.  This week, visit the Magnificent Maps exhibit at the British LIbrary, and then spend some time with the treastures on display in the library's online gallery.

(May 24, 2010)  Wondering how big the Gulf oil slick is?  Compare it  to the size of various cities using Google Earth.  Follow the footsteps of Lewis and Clark who departed for the west on May 21, 1803.  Celebrate the 403rd anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, Virginia.  Need help deciding what to cook out this weekend?  The folks at AllRecipes and the Food Network are ready with hundreds of barbecue and grilling choices.